Monday, January 25, 2010

Photoshoot fun!

Ever have one of those days where you just HAVE to get outside and take some pictures? Today was definitely one of those days. After POURING all day, the rain let up just in time for some beautiful light to filter through the clouds, complete with mood-setting wind and all.

I put out a facebook call to see if anyone wanted to join me, but after waiting for a response and getting none, I decided to just go it alone! So I grabbed my bag of finished knits, my dog, my camera and some accessories and headed up to the back yard! Maggie ran around looking very confused as I set up my makeshift tripod, but was quite happy to run after her tennis ball ring whenever I had a free hand to throw it for her. It took some trial and error on my part to figure out how to take a GOOD picture of myself... it would have been better if I was able to set up white balance and all that based on a person, but you play with what you've got, right?

Check out my flickr set to see some of the pics from that shoot, today's pics are at the end. Here are my two favorites below:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fingerless Mittens inspired by Alice Cullen in New Moon

Inspired by the Twilight Saga, these wool fingerless mittens/wrist warmers will keep your hands warm and cozy when clutching the chilly hand of your very own vampire boyfriend! Alice has Jasper, I prefer Angel, how 'bout you?

Even if you're not a Twilight fan, these mitts are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Wool is a wonderful fiber, keeping the warm air in on cold days and helping you stay balanced on warmer days. That makes these lightweight accessories the perfect "transition" item for spring and fall. I like how Alice layers hers with a couple of shirts and a trés stylish scarf!

* Fit is women's large/men's medium, 6-8" around knuckles.
* Approximately 8.5" long from cuff to tip of the mittens.
* Fiber content is 100% wool.
* This is a hand-wash only garment. Machine wash on cold with a wool-specific detergent, or hand wash, then gently reshape and air dry.

I try to make sure my photographs represent the color as honestly as possible, however this will vary on every monitor. True color is a mix of dark blue, sky blue, tan and brown.

TO THOSE WITH PET ALLERGIES: All knits are washed before they are shipped, but I have two cats and a dog. They're fantastic :)

In order to make these mittens even more versatile, I am offering them in three different colors! The last picture shows the available colors, make sure you indicate your choice when checking out.

These mittens are MADE TO ORDER. I will knit as fast as I can, but please allow up to a week for completion. I will notify you as soon as they are shipped.

FOR EXPEDITED SHIPPING: I would be happy to rush shipping on any order, please convo. me so I can figure out the added expense.

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